Our Products

Opens the door to the Blockchain world. Establish a "Blockchain portal" so that everyone in the world can use cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts.

Our Team

We are Blockchain geeks, enthusiasts, evangelists, market & business prospectors from Japan.
We pursue the ultimate in technology and products and have more than 10 years of experience in product development.
There are multiple Japanese listed and unlisted IT companies as the cornerstone investors, and also support from the BlockChain developer community in Japan.

Long LI

Long LI

Founder, Full Stack Engineer, a veteran fighting in software industry for more than 20 years. Blockchain and Smart Contract professional. Expert in Blockchain product and marketing.

Xueming Sun

Full Stack Engineer, software, hardware and embedded system expert. He used to participate in a project of military embedded operating systems, and is a continuous developer of embedded system and IoT products since 2006.

Andy Mao

Senior banking system expert and senior project manager. Has a deep understanding of banking structure, asset management and security. Has participated in the system development of major Japanese banks. Professional of Blockchain products and marketing.

Zhenjiang Yu

Full Stack Engineer, senior expert in Ruby on Rails, champions in multiple Hackathons. Joined many Blockchain projects such as cryptocurrency exchange and smart contract solutions.

About us

We are a technical team from Japan. We are engaged in product research and development all year long and have great ideals. In November 2016, we started to make “XiaoB” robot with a combination of BlockChain and Artificial Intelligence. “XiaoB" robot provides smart quotation services and Smart Contracts and BlockChain technology services. It used to serve thousands of WeChat groups and Telegram groups, covering tens of thousands of users.

We have organized the Bitcoin Blockchain Enthusiasts Association of Japan, which hosts completely free lectures, selfless sharing, and have a large audience. We are becoming the most active BlockChain community in Japan.

Product experiences

Our team has the development experiences of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, large-scale financial systems, insurance actuarial, quantitative finance, embedded systems, and IoT smart hardware products. Representative works include the world's first SD card reader for iPhone, the first infrared communication accessories, the first visible light communication accessories, universal Bluetooth remote control BBeacon, iPhone RFID Reader via NFC and UHF mode.

Global Partners

Digital Assets

We fully support mainstream basic digital platforms, and support various tokens, DAPPs, and blockchain games based on Smart Contracts. With confident technology, we help many Smart Contract projects to lead the industry and make your dreams come true.