chainbow.co.jp Team Formally Settles in LongHash Tokyo Incubator

On 14th May, the chainbow.co.jp team formally settled in LongHash, an incubator located in Roppongi Tokyo, Japan, launching a new voyage for product development and commercial cooperation.

chainbow.co.jp is a project providing next-generation cryptocurrency wallet solutions. It was launched in March this year. The R&D team is located in Tokyo, Japan. The project's products provide the industry's highest level of security and easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet functionalities. However, ChainBow is not only wallet but also be able to provide smart contract enhancement on BlockChain, cryptocurrency payment solutions, and decentralized application (DApp) platforms to create unprecedented BlockChain smart wallet products, and bring out first-class user expericences. Currently, chainbow.co.jp has established strategic partnerships with a number of BlockChain companies and project partners, providing payment solutions based on cryptocurrency on a global scale.

The Longhash incubator provides full support for start-ups of BlockChain-related projects and plans to open incubators in at least ten cities in the United States, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Its first incubator was established at WeWork (Ark Hills South) in Tokyo, Japan. LongHash also conducts original, neutral and global data analysis through its data news platform, collecting data on local and international cutting-edge technologies and industry trends to help various industries understand cryptocurrencies.

chainbow.co.jp will expand its investment relationship, improve business models, and conduct global business operations with the help of the Longhash incubator. Alpha version of its product is expected to go online at the end of June.